About Us

At Advanced Spinal Care Chiropractic Medical Spa & Massage, we believe in healing the body, mind, and spirit through comprehensive and innovative healing. Our practice in Lakeland, Florida, focuses on providing top-notch chiropractic and massage therapy services tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients. We accept a variety of insurance plans and providers including Medicare. Plus, we are a VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) for any military veterans in need of our services.

Our team is our greatest asset. Led by Dr. Bradley Bartel D.C., a renowned chiropractor with extensive experience, our team includes highly skilled licensed massage professionals and a dedicated support staff. Together, we strive to create a welcoming and therapeutic environment, ensuring that every visit improves your well-being.

Our modern facility is equipped to offer a wide array of treatments that blend traditional chiropractic care with the latest in medical spa and massage therapy innovations. Designed to foster healing and relaxation, our center is a sanctuary for those seeking to improve their health and rejuvenate their bodies.

At Advanced Spinal Care Chiropractic Medical Spa & Massage, we are proud of our achievements, including being a finalist for The Ledger's Best of Central Florida Readers Choice Awards for the past four years (2020-2023) and receiving recognition from Alignable as a Highly Recommended Chiropractor, as endorsed by the local community. Join us on a journey towards optimal health and wellness, where your care is our commitment.

Advanced Spinal Care was voted a finalist in 4 categories in The Ledger's Best of Central Florida contest. Advanced Spinal Care is honored to be a top 3 finalist for the third year in a row for Best Chiropractor of central Florida. Advanced Spinal Care in Lakeland is a 2021 Best of Central Florida Finalist For the second consecutive year, Advanced Spinal Care of Lakeland has been voted as a Best of Central Florida Finalist Lakeland's Advanced Spinal Care is highly recommended and has earned the Highly Recommended Badge from Alignable.

Our Dedicated Staff

At Advanced Spinal Care Chiropractic Medical Spa & Massage, our dedicated staff is the cornerstone of our practice. Our experienced team is comprised of compassionate and skilled professionals who are committed to your health and wellness journey. Our team works together seamlessly to ensure that every patient receives the highest level of care. At Advanced Spinal Care Chiropractic Medical Spa & Massage, we believe that our staff's dedication and expertise are key to our success and your path to wellness.

Meet Dr. Bradley Bartel D.C.

Leading our team is Dr. Bradley Bartel D.C., a chiropractor renowned for his extensive experience and personalized approach to care. Dr. Bartel's expertise in chiropractic adjustments and his holistic view of wellness have made him a trusted figure in the community. As a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Bartel's extensive knowledge and experience in providing quality chiropractic care are evident in everything he does. After assessing a patient, Dr. Bartel crafts a custom treatment plan tailored to meet each patient's unique needs. Click here to view Dr. Brad Bartel D.C.'s profile and to learn more about his qualifications and experience.

Our Licensed Massage Professionals

Our licensed massage therapists are integral to our holistic approach, offering treatments that complement our chiropractic services. Their expertise in various massage techniques ensures a therapeutic experience that aids in both recovery and relaxation. Prior to each massage session, our skilled massage therapists consult with each patient to ensure that their massage experience is second to none, offering you the ability to craft the perfect combination of massage techniques to deliver maximum results. Whether you're in need of a medical massage or you're simply looking to enjoy a relaxation massage, our massage experts have the experience and knowledge required to deliver an incredible massage experience.

Our State of the Art Facility

Our facility at Advanced Spinal Care Chiropractic Medical Spa & Massage, nestled in Lakeland at 2125 Crystal Grove Drive, is more than a center for healing; it's a sanctuary designed for your wellness journey. Equipped with cutting-edge technology for accurate diagnostics and effective treatments, including onsite X-rays and a dedicated nonsurgical spinal decompression room, our center is tailored to facilitate your recovery and relaxation. All our treatment rooms feature serene nature scenes and soothing sounds on HD TVs, enhanced with air purifiers. Plus our dedicated massage rooms include heated massage tables and Tempur-Pedic foam toppers for unmatched comfort during your visit. As you enter our space you'll find a spacious and comfortable check-in and waiting area. We also have a tranquil lounge where patients can enjoy a moment of quiet before or after their treatment. Every detail of our environment is meticulously curated to support the high-quality care our team is dedicated to providing.